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Can You Spray Tan While Pregnant?

Can You Spray Tan While Pregnant?

Pregnancy is the happiest moment a woman can experience, isn’t it? However, pregnancy includes not only changes in appearance but emotionally as well. The secret to a smooth and happier nine-month pregnancy is to pamper yourself boosting your confidence and feeling good despite the changes.

Can You Spray Tan While PregnantHow to achieve that? A great way to enhance your body image and feel sexier during your pregnancy is to get a spray tan. The question is: Can you spray tan while pregnant?

The answer to this question is that of course, you can! A spray tan is the safest way to get tanned without any harmful side effects. Can You Spray Tan While PregnantThe reaction with the body own substances creates a gorgeous color in every session. At INKATAN, we use a completely organic mist that will spray on top of your skin and blend easily. A totally non-toxic and easy method to gain your self-love back. The best part? You can book an appointment with INKATAN any time of the day!


We are a mobile spray tanning service that caters any individual at the comfort of their home, hotel room, or another place of their choice to be pampered with a spray tan. This is a great alternative for the expectant mom to be, as they might be looking forward to their pregnancy photo shoot! What a perfect way to feel gorgeous and have their memories embodied through the camera lens for posterity. Amazing tan service right at your doorstep. What are you waiting for? Let the experts of INKATAN do the rest! Call Cristina today at (305) 333-0457 for any more questions regarding our products and services. Our tanning packages range depending on the number of sessions, with discounts available for tanning parties.

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