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How to Make Your Spray Tanning Session Last Longer?

How Long Does It Last and how to make it last longer?

The effects of a spray tanning can last two weeks but there are a few things you can to increase even longer the effects of a spray tanning session. Following are a few things to keep in mind when you are looking to keep your spray tan looking good and lasting longer.


 Taking the time to properly prepare your skin before the tanning spray session is a good way to ensure a longer lasting spray tan. Be sure to hydrate, shave, and exfoliate before getting sprayed. Whether you are getting an airbrush tan, you will get better overall results if your skin surface is well prepared to bond with the self-tanning solution.

 Give it Time

 It is recommended to wait at at least 6-8 hours after your tanning spray session before taking your next shower. Tanning spray needs time to react with your skin, so the more time you wait, the better and longer tan results. If you can wait until the next day after your tanning spray session before taking first shower, it’s even better! You want to give the spray maximum time to develop with your skin.

 No Excessive Scrubbing

 No excessive scrubbing during your first shower! Just a light rinse with no exfoliating or shaving is best. Limit your shaving as much as possible for the next few days or better if you wax before your session so your leg hair delays from growing. The more you shave off the old skin, the faster the effects of tanning spray session will fade.

 Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Keeping your skin well hydrated is also recommended. You will lose your tan more quickly if your skin becomes dry. Use a good moisturizer after taking a shower every time and also before going to bed at night. Also, drink water throughout the day so that your skin stays healthy and hydrated.

 Try to Stay Out of chlorinated Pool Water

 Hot tub and pool water have harsh chemicals that can dry out your skin and cause the effects of a tanning spray session to fade more quickly. So, if you are planning beach trip, remember that salt and sand will be rough on your skin and fade off the tanning pigment faster than usual.

Following the above-mentioned tips will certainly extend the life of your tanning spray session.

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