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Inkatan Professional Mobile Tanning Services

INKATAN offers professional mobile tanning services with 100% plant organic base mists, with custom blend refreshing aromas that won’t leave you stained, sticky or smelling funny. We offer the most natural, golden brown looking tan solutions for any skin tone that needs a glowy enhancement for that special occasion. Also, with hydrating benefits, our tans will last between 7-10 days and will start fading without leaving unpleasant marks.

How does a tanning service work?

Our spray tan solutions contain the latest sunless tanning formulation to guarantee high levels of DHA for long-term golden bronzing skin. No orange tints and streak-free sheeting action, eliminating unpleasant spotting and streaking. With natural color extenders, you will look tanned more days and looking younger, slimmer and youthful with a good looking skin.

Inkatan mobile tanning services mean we travel to any location for the comfort of our clients. Either a home, hotel or any tanning party venue, we have all the accommodations to make our clients feel comfortable fitting our services to their schedule.

No more running around with a freshly sprayed airbrush tan or waiting for it to dry to put back on your clothes. Our services are all offered in the comfort of any location. Make an appointment with us, sit back, and let us do the driving and take care of you.

As part of a professional tanning service, we use the latest and specific equipment, to perform our job correctly. We bring a portable pop-up tent and place it anywhere you feel comfortable to begin the tanning session. As the size of a small dressing room, it takes seconds to unfold. Once your session is complete, we fold the tent back up, and you’d never know our Inkatan technician was there! Our tents will collect all the overspray, so your place looks impeccable with no trace of a mess. The sessions take between 20 to 40 minutes total including setting-up the tent and packing up all our equipment.

Professional Mobile Tanning Services

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