Airbrush Spray Tan Service For the Perfect Sun-Kissed Looks


Airbrush spray tanning is more effective than standard spray tanning because it allows customizability and finesse. The master-certified airbrush spray tan specialist can apply it at a pace to evenly spray the tanning mist for better results.

While the tanning technique is reliable and precise, there are some details you may want to know to accomplish the best tanning results.

Skin Care Tanning Preparation

Experts recommend exfoliating your skin and getting rid of body hair at least 8 hours before tanning. Exfoliation or hair removal immediately after tanning could take away the color of the tan. The presence of body hair on your skin during the tanning process could lead to patchy results.

The hair could also prevent even tanning. Hence, it’s essential to exfoliate your skin thoroughly before tanning. You may also want to ensure that you stay hydrated. The tanning expert will ensure that your skin is dry before starting the tanning process.

Choose the Wrong Tanning Technique

It’s best to let your tanning technician decide on the airbrush spray tan technique for your skin. The choice of technique may vary based on your specific needs and requirements, your skin tone, your skin type, and the shade you choose. Experts use specific movement styles and paces for tanning.

The side-to-side and up-and-down techniques are the most common airbrush spray tanning techniques. However, your tanning specialist may make reasonable alterations and improvisations to techniques to obtain the best results.

Uneven Tanning

A significant mistake that you want to avoid while spray tanning is uneven tanning and patching. When too much of the tanning solution gets absorbed by specific areas of the skin, those areas may look darker than other areas. The whole purpose of spray tanning is to accomplish a natural-looking tan.

Spraying evenly and spraying at the same pace will help obtain even results. It’s also vital to ensure that the specialist does not miss any spots on your skin while tanning. The use of high-quality airbrush spray tan equipment will also add to the quality of tanning results.

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