Make Your Spray Tan Last Longer

When you’re looking for that sun-kissed glow any time you want, there’s no better alternative than getting a spray tan. However, you might be disappointed when your spray tan disappears in days.

You can do many things to ensure that your spray tan stays on for as long as possible. Ensure that your spray tanning session isn’t in vain when you’re following these tips to make it last longer:

Exfoliate Beforehand
Before you get your spray tan, it would be best to exfoliate all the dead skin cells and other impurities off your skin. You can use a mild cream exfoliator and an exfoliating mitt to ensure the best results.
Exfoliation beforehand can ensure that your spray tan adheres better to your skin and absorbs better. When you’re looking to make that spray tan last longer, you have to ensure that your skin is the ideal base to work with.

Use Gentle Body Products
Using the wrong products before and after your spray tan can be a critical reason why your tan fades away so quickly. Applying a body exfoliator the day after your spray tan is definitely no way to make it last longer.

Consider using gentle shower products instead of products with many chemicals to make your tan last longer. These products will help the tan stick to your skin longer and cleanse your skin simultaneously.

Moisturizing is Crucial
Moisturizing is essential to ensure that your spray tan sticks and your skin stays radiant. However, not just any regular moisturizer will do: you should stick to an oil-free moisturizer for the best results. Oils in your moisturizer will make your spray tan look streaky when you eventually perspire. When you are regular with your moisturizing, you can expect your spray tan to stay around for more than a week.

Avoid Excessive Perspiration
Sweat can mess up your spray tan in all sorts of ways. You can have a streaky tan if you’re working out right after your spray tan session. Going to a steaming room or sauna during this time can also ensure that you lose your spray tan quicker.

Sweating excessively tends to open up your pores, and it can cause your spray tan to be all over the place. For the best results, you should refrain from working out on the day you get your spray tan and the sauna.

Top Up With Regular Tanning Sessions
When you want that radiant glow all the time, you have to ensure that you’re getting the best mobile spray tan regularly. Regular spray tanning sessions are ideal when you want to have a tan throughout the year, even in the cold months! Look fresh and ready no matter what time of the year it is when you have the best spray tan and tips to keep it on for longer.

Need a Spray Tan? We Can Help

When looking for that summer glow whenever you want, Inkatan is here to help. Our spray tanning and bronzing services make you look radiant and glowing. Our organic and safe products guarantee that you won’t have any adverse skin reactions and a great tan to boot! We currently serve areas in and around North Miami, Aventura, and Sunny Isles.
Great tans need experts, and we’re here to help when you’re in search of one! Call Inkatan at 305-333-0457


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