Is Spray Tan Better Than Bed Tanning?

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Is Spray Tan Better Than Bed Tanning?

spray tanIs glowing looking skin something that you’ve always wanted? A gorgeous bronzed color that will make you look like a summer goddess? Can’t decide what method is better for you? Read this article to learn the differences and help you decide for the best option.

spray tanWell, you already know that staying for hours under the sun is very bad for your skin, and can cause serious health problems such as wrinkles, dryness, premature aging, and skin cancer. Harmful UV rays affect our skin negatively while staying under the sun. That’s why it’s better to consider a healthier way of tanning. However, with so many ways of tanning nowadays, it can be really challenging to find the one for you.

The most famous options are spray tan and bed tanning. But in order to choose wisely between them, it’s good to know how each method works. Bed tanning, uses the same UV rays as the sun’s, but in a more moderate form, making it a not so innocent way of tanning. In addition, you’ll probably need certain visits to the salon, to achieve your desired color. On spray tanthe other hand, a spray tan doesn’t involve any exposure to harmful rays. It is a spray mist, that interacts with your own skin substances, causing it to get a beautiful darker color. The result: a completely natural color, without any orange spots.

Inkatan – Mobile Spray Tanspray tan

So, it is pretty obvious that spray tan is a much safer option compared to bed tanning. Health always comes first. So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with our experts at Inkatan! We are an organic mobile spay tan company that will surely give you the results you’re looking for! Start looking bronzed and gorgeous today! Call Cristina at (305) 333-0457 to book your appointment.

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