What to Do After Getting an Organic Spray Tan


Tanning allows you to alter your skin tone and attain glossy-looking skin. However, it’s vital to choose a reliable tanning expert for tanning services to avoid incorrect techniques. Therefore, it’s critical to choose professional tanning services that use mild solutions and safe ingredients for tanning. Organic spray tans have been gaining popularity for several reasons.

What is Organic Spray Tanning?

Organic tanning experts use organic solutions that are chemical-free for tanning purposes. The formula is typically clear of paraben, alcohol, and other synthetic material. Chemicals and artificial elements could cause severe skin damage. They even cause issues like collagen reduction and enzyme breakdowns. The technique is defined by two factors: the use of organic tanning solutions and spray tan equipment.

Airbrushes offer more precision and maneuverability than traditional tanning equipment. The tanning expert uses a spray tan gun to spray the tan even in specified areas of your body. Spray tanning surpasses the limitations of traditional tanning since it offers greater control. The tanning expert can avoid tanning in specified areas.

Post-Tan Measures

There are several measures you may take after tanning to ensure that your tan lasts longer. These also help ensure that the tan does not fade or lose its radiance too soon.

Avoid Showering for At Least 8 Hours

It’s recommended you avoid showering for at least 8 hours after getting a spray tan. Unlike synthetic material, the material used in organic spray tan solutions is milder. While your skin typically absorbs organic solutions faster, it may take longer for the tan to settle well.

Showering too early may cause some of the tanning to wash away. However, you may note that you may shower after around 3 hours if you get an express tan. You may also want to avoid other activities that involve direct contact with water, like swimming.

You may also consider avoiding perfume, deodorant sprays, or other applications till your tan dries well. Additionally, it is also recommended you shave or wax at least 24 hours before getting the tan.

Avoid Moisturizers and Lotions

Tanning experts assert it’s best to avoid moisturizers and lotions for at least 24 hours after getting the organic spray tan. The moisturizer or lotion may react with the tanning solution and cause the tan to fade or discolor.

Visiting a professional tattoo studio that uses high-grade organic solutions will help minimize this risk. However, avoiding creams, lotions, and moisturizers for a day or two may help prolong the impact and life of your tan.

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