Why Should You Look For An Organic Spray Tan?

Getting a spray tan is the best form of self-care for yourself, and you can do it any time of the year! When you’re looking to achieve a perfect sun-kissed glow, there’s nothing better than opting for a natural spray tan to help you achieve it.
Many people have recently started making the shift to organic spray tan, and for various reasons too. When you want to find out more about what an organic spray tan is and how it’s better for you, keep on reading to find out:

Better for You

Using tanning beds that mimic sunlight to help you tan can be quite dangerous for your health and skin. It has been shown that using these tanning beds excessively can lead to cases of skin cancer and also deteriorate your skin’s state over time. Opt for an organic spray tan when you want your skin to retain its natural elasticity for as long as possible while getting a beautiful glow.

The sheen the spray tan will give you will closely mimic a tan naturally attained. Even in the middle of winter, you don’t have to give up your radiant bronze glow.

Better for the Environment

Tanning beds and chemicals used in many tanning products today are considered very harmful to the environment. However, when you opt to go for an organic tanning business, you are reducing the chemicals in your products, thereby reducing their environmental impact.

When you’re consciously making an effort to be as natural and eco-friendly as possible, going organic is the only choice you should be making.

No Fuss Cleaning

Spray tanning can be quite a messy experience, especially when you’re getting products everywhere. These tanning products will stain your clothes, sheets, and more when chemicals are involved. It will become hard to get these stains dislodged once they set in.

However, when opting for an organic spray tan, the products used are less harsh and can easily come out with a load in the laundry. You won’t have to worry about permanently staining anything.

Minimal Maintenance

As long as you are not exfoliating after getting your spray tan, you don’t need to take any special care to retain your spray tan. Conducting your normal post-shower routine, including moisturizing, should be enough to keep your tan for a few weeks.

You can also choose to invest in self-tanning products that can help you extend the life of your organic tan for as long as possible. These self-tanning products usually come as a lotion or spray so you can apply them easily. Depending on the type of self-tanner, it might take a few hours for the tan to set in and show itself on your skin.

Looking for an Organic Spray Tan? We Can Help

When you want the best spray tan for your skin and want it to look natural, organic spray tans are the way to go. At InkaTan, our technicians do their best to ensure that you get that bronze glow that makes you look radiant all year long.

Our expert technicians can help you out with multiple packages to cater to your requirements. We can also come to any neighborhood in North Miami, Aventura, Sunny Isles, and surrounding areas. Contact us today at 305-333-0457 to book an appointment for your spray tan.


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