Airbrush Spray Tan Blunders to Avoid

Having the summer glow all year round isn’t easy, and when you’re looking for targeted results, airbrush spray tans are the way to go. An airbrush spray tan involves an expert going over every inch of your body and spraying the tanning solution.

There are many steps involved when you’re looking for the perfect tan, whether for your daily life or specifically for an event. In particular, there are blunders you should avoid making to ruin your tan before it has a chance to set in.

Uneven Tanning

There are specific areas on your body that can get uneven even when you try your best to prevent it from happening. Your hands, armpits, knees, and elbows are the most prone to uneven tanning.

The ideal way to prevent this is to ensure that you’re exfoliating your body thoroughly before getting your mobile airbrush tanning service. After your tanning service, refrain from working out or heading to a sauna for at least a day. Moisturize to keep the tanning as even as possible.

Too Dark

Depending on where you regularly get your tanning services, you could experience a darker skin shade when you’re not specific about what you want. You might have to wait to see the final results with an airbrush tan.
Once the tan has fully developed and you think it’s too dark, there are some things you can do to make it appear a bit lighter. Exfoliating is the best way to lift the shade a bit, but it will make your spray tan last less. Be specific and clear about what you want with your tanning technician to prevent this from happening.

Streaky Tan

Nothing can ruin your tan as much as streaks can. There are many reasons you might get a streaky tan, but the most common one is sweat. You might get streaks when you’re sweating heavily after getting your tan.

The best way to avoid this is by not getting sweaty, but that can sometimes be out of your control. Consider getting your tan at night, or when you know you won’t be out for a few hours. Giving a chance for your tan to settle before perspiring can go a long way in preventing streaks from happening anywhere.


Getting creases near your armpits, bum, and chest area is quite common. While there’s nothing, in particular, you can do to prevent it; you can use a tanning solution or product afterward to even out these creases.
Consider asking your tanning technician whether there’s any specific way you can prevent these creases from happening. When getting an airbrush tan, your technician could concentrate on these areas to ensure that the final result looks even throughout.

Need An Airbrush Tan? Our Experts Can Help

When you’re looking for an airbrushed, radiant, sun-kissed glow, you need experts who can help you get there. Whether you’re in North Miami, Aventura, or Sunny Isles, we are happy to serve you anywhere! Our master certified spray technicians are skilled and experienced in providing various tanning services for your needs.

Get the best tan within 30 minutes with organic products while working with our tanning technicians. Get that sun-kissed glow that will completely exceed your expectations!


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