Mobile Spray Tan at Home vs Bed Tanning

mobile spray tan at home

Mobile Spray Tan at Home vs. Bed Tanning

Are you debating between a mobile spray tan at home or bed tanning? If so, we can help! Many women have the option to tan under the sun for hours if they want a glowing golden skin. But for mobile spray tan at homethe ones that can’t go to the beach that often, there are two tanning methods that help them achieve the desired look. Less invasive than the other, spray tanning has become a more popular option against Sunless bed tanning as it doesn’t expose the skin to synthetic UV rays as the other one does.

mobile spray tan at homeSpray tanning

Introduced as an alternative to sun and bed tanning, this non-invasive method is the preferred by many women all over the world. The best way to achieve a glowing bronze skin is with the help of a mobile spray tanning specialist at the comfort of your home. What makes it last is the DHA ingredient which reacts with the dead cells present in the outer layer of the skin. Also, to achieve the desired skin tone you can do as many sessions as you want.

mobile spray tan at homeBed tanning

Tanning beds were introduced a while ago as a safer alternative to sunbathing as it was believed that sun exposure to UV rays causes harm to the skin and premature aging. However, sunless tanning
studies have revealed that synthetic UV rays used in bed tanning can be potentially as harmful as the natural UV rays of the sun. This is because they are not much different from UV rays of the sun.

mobile spray tan at homeINKATAN – Mobile Spray Tan at Home

An INKATAN specialist will evenly spray an organic tanning lotion all over your body. The results of a spray tan are quickly visible, and you can do it as many times as needed. This is a better option of preserving your skin’s elasticity who don’t want to damage their skin over the passage of time. We offer tanning packages at great prices. Call Cristina today at (305) 333-0457

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