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Mobile Spray Tanning Made Easy & Innovative

Are you searching for a mobile spray tanning service? Tanned women exude a raw sensuality that’s incredibly hard to miss and insanely irresistible. Given these glamorous odds, it’s no surprise that most women are willing to give anything to give their figure a gorgeous tan glow.

A Lovely & Evenly Tan Service Comes Right at Your Door Step

Spray TanningNow, if you want a tan complexion, you have several options. You can either expose yourself to expensive and harmful tanning machines or sunbathe at the beach all day, which can backfire you with a horrid sunburn. However, INKATAN offers you a harmless option to give you a lovely golden tan in the privacy of your home.

Our mobile spray tanning services are a much safer option as opposed to exposing directly to the sunlight and causing premature aging to your skin. We all know that exposing your skin to UV rays, has harmful consequences leading to cancer or basal cells skin problems.

INKATAN Golden Bronze Goddesses

Spray TanningThe difference is so stunningly visible that all you have to do is get comfortable and stand still while our specialist sprays the organic tanning lotion giving you a gorgeously golden-bronze effect. The best part is that you don’t even have to leave the comfortable vicinity of your home, so no one really has to know that you haven’t acquired your gorgeous tan outdoors! Seriously, what else does a girl need?

Our method of tanning is extremely easy and won’t take much time as opposed to going to a tanning salon and getting sticky while you put your clothes back on. Our lotion dries up very quickly so if you want to get a nice bronze tan before heading out for your romantic date, planned out for the evening, and go right ahead!

Spray-TanningINKATAN Spray tanning lotion won’t even leave behind those awful residue stains on your sheets, clothes or worse, your partner; seriously, how embarrassing would that be!

The color consistency and evenness achieved by our mobile spray tanning specialist is truly unparalleled and cannot be replicated by any other self-tanning product. The effect is utterly amazing, and it doesn’t take much time to dazzle up your skin with a shimmering bronze tan.

So, are you ready to flaunt your perfectly tanned body and turn heads wherever you go? Call our INKATAN specialist Cristina at (305) 333-0457 to make an appointment and give you the tanning glow you have been waiting for!

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