Spray Tan VS Tanning Bed

spray tan vs tanning bed

Spray Tan VS Tanning Bed

spray tan vs tanning bedSunny days are the best, aren’t they? Our mood is better, and we feel happier when we are outside all day. We also get in the mood for staying under the sun to get that sun-touched glow, that makes us even prettier. Clothes get lighter and lighter, and more skin is exposed. However, having amazing looking bronzed skin is a must but with precaution. spray tan vs tanning bedWho doesn’t want beautiful tanned legs or glowing, healthy looking skin on the arms while wearing a sleeveless top, a mini dress and when our clothes start to reveal more of our skin?

Nonetheless, bed tanning can’t be considered a solution. Everyone used to think that having a tanning bed at home was super cool or going to a spa to get the procedure was safer that sunbathing. As we’re getting older, understanding the awful effects caused by the sun to our skin is essential. The sun’s harmful UV rays, damage the skin in an irreversible way, causing wrinkles, premature aging and in many occasions skin cancer. These effects aren’t simple, and you have to think cleverly. Protecting your skin and health is crucial.

How to achieve the tan I want, you ask? The optimum solution is to get a spray tan as is the most harmless way of tanning. A mist is sprayed directly to your skin, interacting with its natural substances, giving the most natural spray-tan-vs-tanning bedperfect looking tan. So, why compromise your health, when there is such a stress-free option? Forget the long hours sunbathing; spray tan is the way to go! Spray Tan VS Tanning bed, not only safe but with amazing results too. Streak-free, nonsticky, no weird smell and without any orange undertones.

INKATAN – Spray Tan VS Tanning Bed

What else could you ask for? Health always comes first! Book an appointment with InkaTan now and get pampered by our experts the right way. Call for an appointment at (305) 333-0457

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