All You Need to Know about Mobile Tanning

mobile tanning

All You Need to Know about Mobile Tanning

Tanning is an old method of getting a bronzed look. Suntan and sunless tanning are the two common ways to achieve it. However, the increased risks of tanning beds have raised many brows, and people are not ready to take health risks just for the sake of fashion. Cancer, premature aging, and immune suppression are the possible health risks associated with spa tanning while the use of same equipment on every person multiplies the chances of these issues. Mobile tanning is a new concept getting popular these days, and it has many benefits over spa tanning.

mobile tanningReasons to Choose Mobile Tanning

Mobile tanning is an optimized skin tanning service you get at your home. It lessens the health risks at a remarkable level when you get the services from skilled hands. Though the benefits of mobile tanning have manifold, here we are mentioning a few of them.

Healthy Alternative

Non-reactive and healthy alternatives to tanning beds are used in mobile tanning. These alternatives include organic spray mist which is a naturally occurring element that has the great potential to darken the skin. This non-invasive formula absorbs more in the dry skin and gives an even complexion to the body without leaving blots or patches.

mobile tanningComfort

Mobile tanning services ensure your privacy and provide the desired tan without losing home comfort. No sticky hands and tinted clothing after having a spray tan at the salon. No more unnecessary driving when a tanning specialist can drive to you!

Safer than UV

Ultraviolet rays are extremely harmful to the human skin, and the tan you get from it is the result of a damaged skin. Mobile tanning is free from the side effects of UV rays and prevents the danger of skin cancer.

mobile tanningFast Tanning Method

No need to waste hours for a sunbath or UV exposure as the things used in mobile tanning takes only 30 minutes to give you bronzed and glowing skin. You get excellent tan service without any mess and or delay.


Mobile tanning is the best solution of group tanning at wedding occasions when friends or family members want to look unique. You can always get pre-tan services, and spray tan packages, so you get the most out of each session. Pampering, exfoliate, and shower is the recommended pre-tan preparations which one should not ignore unless she wants blots in tanning. Ready for the golden goddess in you? Call Cristina to book your appointment at (305) 333-0457.

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