INKATAN Spray Tan Mobile Service

Spray Tan Mobile Service

Spray Tan Mobile Service Better Than Bed Tanning

Are you searching for a spray tan mobile service? If so, Inkatan can help! Spray tan and tanning beds are two popular options when it comes to getting your skin tanned for a brighter glow. Spray Tan Mobile ServiceThey are both considered as the latest innovations that offer the convenience to achieve an attractive, bronze color without being exposed to the harmful UV rays. However, Tanning beds have been around for quite a while, but are far from being a risk-free tanning substitute, as the UV rays emitted can cause severe damage to the skin,

Besides being quite expensive, a need to queue for a tanning bed, and aging consequences due to the exposure and appearance of premature wrinkles, and sunburns; spray tan mobile services are advisable to prevent severe medical conditions such as skin cancer in the future.

Spray Tan Mobile ServiceSpray Tanning Alternative

Getting that glowing look has never been easier than with the modern spray tans. Spray tans are a smart and safe alternative way to get a breathtaking bronze looking skin in a few minutes. This sunless tanning method has gained in popularity and is getting a lot more sophisticated with customized airbrush organic tanning mists to give the body that desired natural golden glow. Unlike the bed option, spray tanning gives almost instant glowing skin in the comfort of your home, hotel suite or any other location.

Spray Tan Mobile ServiceIs Spray Tanning Dangerous to my Health and Clothes?

No, it is not. Spray tanning does not create any stains and remains entirely safe for your clothes. Additionally, the constituent elements of spray tans are Food And Drug Administration (FDA) certified and are considered safe for external application to the skin. Overall, spray tanning stays longer, easily accessible, gives minor stain and better results. The only thing you need before any spray tanning is an exfoliating skin before going for a session.

INKATAN – Spray Tan Mobile Service

There is no need to spend hours burning your skin in the heat of the sun when you can get your body tanned in few minutes calling a spray tanning specialist. If you need help making an informed decision, do not hesitate to contact us. Inkatan has been around for years and known to give a natural-looking glowing skin according to your needs! Need tan lines? No worries! INKATAN can help! Make an appointment with Cristina at 305-333-0457.

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