Get a Sunless Spray Tan for Your Pre-Wedding Glow

Tanning is an important part of the pre-wedding beauty routine for many brides. However, this can be extremely difficult to plan for if you are having your wedding at the beach or on a cruise—as it usually means no time to prepare properly.

If you’d like to have a beautiful tan for your special day, that is possible without having to deal with the harsh sun’s rays. Opt for mobile sunless tanning to ensure you have a gorgeous tan for your day—without burning or tan lines. Here’s how it works and helps you get the perfect glow on your wedding day.

How It Works

Sunless tanning is a way to achieve that perfect “glow” without having to spend too much time in the sun—which can often cause skin damage and dark spots. Sunless tanning is an organic spray that develops on the skin. It can either be natural or omic-based, depending on your preferences.

All you need to do is schedule time in your busy schedule for an appointment and get the tan you want to ensure that gorgeous glow.

The Perfect Solution for Brides-to-Be

Mobile sunless tanning is a great option for brides-to-be because it allows you to have a radiant glow without having time to visit a salon or resort. Plus, many mobile spray tanners offer services with no appointment necessary. This means that they will come right to your location while getting ready for your special day.

Tanning In The Sun Can Be Very Harmful To Your Skin

Sun tanning causes dark spots or wrinkles. Using mobile tanning instead means that you’ll get the perfect glow without ever stepping foot outside.


Mobile spray tanners can come to your location, whether at home or at the place where you are getting ready. This means that you don’t have time for any discomfort of traveling to another location before your big day.

Versatile Solutions

Spray tanners offer different solutions, depending on your skin type and color. You can choose to have your skin be dark, golden brown, or have a simple glow.

Sunless tanning solutions can be used with all body parts—including the face and hairline. This means you don’t have to worry about any spots or uneven tan lines like when putting on lotion in these areas.

Fast and Effective

Mobile sunless tanning solutions dry extremely fast, meaning that you don’t have to wait long before being able to put your dress on. These solutions are also easily washed off, so you don’t have to worry about stains.

Get Your Perfect Pre-Wedding Tan at InkaTan!

With our mobile spray tanning service in North Miami, Aventura, Sunny Isles, and surrounding areas, you can get that gorgeous glow for your wedding without worrying about time or uncomfortable preparations. Just schedule your appointment on our website, and we’ll be there to help you get the perfect tan for your big day! Call 305-333-0457


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