Tanning Services For Your Sun-Kissed Skin


At Inkatan, we offer tanning services for bronze skin for you! Our services are not just affordable but quality, fast and mobile. Our spray equipment and tanning products ensure the highest quality. In addition, we have a team of dedicated, well-trained experts in the field of stay tanning.

We respect our customers and always ensure to give them the best services. Our quality work, speed, affordability, customer relations, and mobility have made us the best stop for any kind of tanning services in Aventura and North Miami. Also, our long-lasting tanning service makes your skin glow suitable for all skin shades. Inkatan spray tanning will give you glowing skin that makes you feel more comfortable everywhere you go. Our skin tan is very beneficial for your skin, and you do not want to miss out.

Our Major Tanning Services

The Regular Bronze

Our regular bronze tanning services last for an extended period protecting your skin.

The Express Bronze

Our express bronze is amazing and saves a lot of time. In case of an emergency, our express bronze is highly recommended. It gives you the perfection you want in a flash! You don’t have to wait for it to dry as it dries up immediately.

Why Hire Inkatan

1. We are a certified tanning company with a group of team experts working with high-quality products, the latest techniques, and mobility. As a certified tanning company in Aventura, we have become everyone’s choice for many years.

2. We are a mobile spray tanning company offering private mobile services. You can get tanned in your office, a hotel room, or any place that suits you.

3. We save you time as we are experts in our field, using 30 minutes of your time between arrival, equipment setup, and spray tanning service.

4. We offer high-quality products. We apply this to your skin with a high range technique. At InkaTan, we give only the best!

Book your mobile spray tanning session today easily on our website at any time. Just a click, and we are at your doorstep waiting to give you the best mobile tanning service ever. We render our services around North Miami and Aventura areas, and we are known for beauty, glow, speed, warmth, and quality! Call for appointment at 305-333-0457


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