How Often Should You Get A Mobile Sunless Tan

Having a goddess glow is always great, no matter what time it is. Mobile sunless tanning is the best option when you’re looking to achieve the perfect tan all over your body.

Depending on which option you’re looking at, tanning can be an incredibly safe procedure to help you get a natural glow. You can either opt for products or a comprehensive service. Keep reading to learn about what a mobile sunless tan is, how often you should get it, and more.

What is Mobile Sunless Tan

A mobile sunless tan is any type of tan that doesn’t utilize the sun or harsh lights. You won’t need to lie down on a tanning bed and don’t need to worry about exposure to various chemicals and rays to get a perfect tan.

A mobile sunless tan generally utilizes various tanning products to help ensure an even tan all over your body. You can find organic and natural options that limit exposure to harsh chemicals. The process can take up to eight hours to fully develop, depending on the kind of service you opt for.

What to Consider When Booking the Appointment

When you are booking an appointment, whether it’s your first or sixth time, there are some variables you should take into consideration:
How long should the tanning service be? Some tanning services can take up to eight hours to fully develop, so you might need to consider that when making your appointment.

What type of tan do you want? Whether you’re looking for an individual tanning product, a spray tan, or an airbrush tanning service, you need to know before you start looking.

Will you be visiting the tanning business or require them to come to you? Depending on your schedule, you might not have the time to physically go to the tanning business, so look for options that can come to you instead.

How Often You Should Get It

While you can get a mobile sunless tanning service as often as possible, you don’t want to arrange an appointment without enjoying your previous tan. Ideally, if you take all the precautions after your last tanning service, you can enjoy the tan for many weeks.

It is ideal to arrange an appointment between seven to fourteen days after your previous tan. You can also call and ask a tanning expert at the business you get your mobile tanning services from what they recommend.

Aftercare Instructions

When you want your tan to remain as long as possible, you must ensure that you’re taking adequate aftercare. After your tanning service, it is recommended not to shower for at least eight hours. Do not indulge in sweaty activities like working out or taking a hike.

You have to apply moisturizer frequently after your first shower post tanning. It will help prolong the life of your tan.

Get the Best Service For Your Needs at Inka Tan

When you’re looking for mobile sunless tanning that will give you the best results, Inka Tan is here to help. We provide high-quality mobile airbrush tan services and use organic solutions to give you an even, natural-looking tan all over your body. Call 305-333-0457


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