Preparations Before Getting Organic Spray Tans

While organic spray tans offer several benefits, careful pre and post tan steps are vital to ensure the tan stays on. Spray tan artists usually use organic tanning solutions and high-quality equipment to apply the tan with minimal errors.

It’s recommended you set up a meeting with the spray tan expert before the day of the tanning to discuss practical spray tan steps. Also, choose the best organic spray tanning studio in Florida. Since your skin absorbs the tanning solution, it’s best to choose studios that use only organic, skin-safe ingredients for all its tans.

Wax Thoroughly

Our spray tan artist will likely ask you to wax your skin one or two days before the tan appointment. The presence of hair on your skin could mess up your tan and interfere with the flawless, smooth application. You may notice gaps in places where hair is present. It can also cause build-ups at the follicles.

Wash and Exfoliate Your Skin

Many people make the mistake of exfoliating their skin after getting a tan. You may end up washing away the tan by doing this. This may lead to patching or blotting. Hence, it’s best to wash and exfoliate your skin well the day before the tan.

Exfoliation will also remove black or white spots and open up your pores. It is also vital to use a gentle exfoliator to remove dead skin or rough patches. Organic spray tanning in Florida works best on smooth skin.

Moisturize Your Skin

It’s best to moisturize your skin every day leading up to the day of the tan. Moisturization will minimize rough patches and dry skin and prolong the length of your tan. Dry skin could flake or peel off, leaving visible patches over the tanned skin surface. Regular moisturization before and after tanning will help eliminate this danger.

Don’t Wear Makeup or Moisturizers During the Tan

Moisturizers and makeup add a layer over your actual skin. These layers can prevent your skin from absorbing the tan effectively. Additionally, moisturizers are usually oil-based, and they can also cause the tanning solutions to slip off your skin.

Tanning experts usually wash and dry off your skin well before applying the tan. It is also essential to remove all jewelry and other accessories before your start the tanning process.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

You should wear something loose and comfortable after getting the tan. It is also necessary to inform the tanning experts of any skin conditions you may have. Our experts will check the solutions to determine if you are allergic to any ingredients that form part of the tanning solution. You can also check out the different tones and shades our studio offers to choose the best tan shade for your skin.

Choose Our Spray Tan Experts

Our mobile spray tan experts at INKATAN offer several safe and organic spray tanning solutions in Florida. Contact us at 305-333-0457 to book a mobile spray tan appointment.



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