Airbrush Sunless Tanning Application Tips

Airbrush Sunless Tanning

First. exfoliate the residue of any previous tanning application at least 8 hours before your next session. To smooth the skin for better even results, scrub a little extra on knees, feet, elbows, and hands.

Second. shave at least 8 hours before the sunless tanning session. Inkatan specialists suggest to do it with regular soap and water. Do not apply shaving creams containing lanolin due to its barrier component elements. Also, waxing should be done 24-48 hours before your tanning spray session.

Third. If your skin is usually dry apply a light water-based lotion at least 2 hours prior to tanning. Do not apply oils prior to or after your sunless tan. Also, remove make-up if you want the mist sprayed on your face. After the session wear dark loose fitting clothing. Fabric that is not recommended to wear is wool, nylon, or silk to avoid staining.

Fourth. Wait at least 6-8 hours after going to a pool, beach or taking a shower. This allows for the self-tanning reaction to occur on the skin and last longer. If you see a little bit of color wash off from your first shower, don’t worry, this is normal. The immediate cosmetic bronzer is what is rinsing off, not the sunless tan.

Fifth. Moisturizer should be applied after your first shower to prevent streaking. Also, do not exercise until after your first shower either. Be aware that sunless products do not contain sunscreen, so remember to apply it to prevent your skin from burning.

INKATAN Airbrush Sunless Tanning

The entire process for a Customized Airbrush Tanning Service takes around 10-15 minutes, whether you want your entire body to be airbrushed. However, to fold and unfold the tanning booth and prepare the mist could add another 10 minutes to the whole procedure.

Appointments are required for our Inkatan Airbrush Sunless Tanning. Please call Cristina to schedule your appointment at 305-333-0457


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