What To Ask Your Tan Artist Before Mobile Spray Tanning

Before Mobile Spray Tanning

The demand for mobile spray tanning in South Florida has been on a steady rise. Mobile tanning services allow clients the luxury of achieving a perfect spray tan from the comfort of their home, office, or other location. An expert transports the tanning equipment to a location the client specifies for this purpose.

Most mobile tanning specialists use airbrushes for tanning. Airbrushes are portable and offer better control to spray the tan evenly on all areas of your body. Tanning experts can complete the job in less than an hour—however, it’s critical to choose a certified specialist for the best results. Ask these questions to make the right choice.

What Tanning Solutions Do You Use?

Organic tanning solutions are mild and do not causes skin damage. You may consider avoiding tanning solutions that are loaded with harsh synthetic chemicals and other materials. Absorption of these chemicals may cause several skin issues like pigmentation, rashes, itching, and burns.

You may choose a tanning studio that uses organic solutions formulated using botanical ingredients for the best results. You may also want to check if the solution is paraben-free. It’s also vital to ensure that the solution does not have a DHA odor.

How Long Will The Tan Last?

Mobile spray tanning works just like traditional spray tanning. Reliable tanning experts in South Florida can give you tans that last for up to 10 days. However, duration may vary based on several factors such as sun exposure, how you maintain the tan, and your skin type.

Do You Offer a Variety of Shades to Choose From?

Professional mobile tanning specialists in South Florida may allow you to choose from different shades and colors. The experts may also help you choose the right shade for you based on your skin type.

You may also learn how long it takes for the tan to settle after the mobile tanning process. Some high-grade organic tanning solutions only require 2 to 3 hours.

What Precautions and Steps Should I Take?

Your local tanning expert can apply high-quality tans evenly and precisely using an airbrush. However, there are several precautions you may have to take to prolong the tan’s life and enhance its quality. Avoid showers or direct contact with water for up to 8 hours after getting the tan.

Experts recommend that you wax or shave at least 24 hours before getting the tan. Additionally, you may have to avoid using moisturizers, lotions, and other creams on your skin for a prescribed period.

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